Donating Your Car: Five Easy Steps To Make It Happen

donate1If you have an old car you’re not really using anymore, donating can be a wonderful thing. Charities use these vehicles to help the less fortunate in many ways. Here’s how to make it happen in five easy steps:

Check Out A Charity

There are many people in need and many charities that help them try and better their lives. Whether your old car will be fixed up and sold or given to someone without transportation, you’ll be doing a very good thing by donating it. Find a charity near you and check them out. Chances are, you’ll find an organization aligned with your beliefs and philosophies – a perfect match!

Arrange To Donate Your Vehicle

You’ll need to describe your car in detail, including how many miles it has and any hard times it’s been through, such as an accident. Tell the charity how well the car runs (or doesn’t!) and any little quirks it may have that would not be obvious to someone getting into it.

Clean Out The Car

While you certainly don’t have to detail the vehicle, you should remove anything that belongs to you. Check the glove box, between the seats, the floors and trunk for old umbrellas, pocket change and litter. If you’re so inclined, vacuum and dust the interior and run a hose over the outside of the car. Also, make sure there is a clear path for it to be driven or towed off of your property.

Gather All The Paperwork

Donated cars still need to be legitimate, thus you’ll have to have your title and any other relevant papers ready to go. Pop them in an envelope for safe keeping and be prepared to show your ID. Your information will need to be documented by the charity for their records.

Local Info:

Send Your Old Car On Its Way

Make a date and your old clunker is history! The charity should pick the vehicle up at your house with an enthusiastic “Thank you!”. In some cases, they may ask you to drive the car yourself to their location, which shouldn’t be too much trouble if they are local.

You will feel so good about your decision to donate your car to a worthy cause! Don’t forget to get a receipt for the transaction, because come tax time, you’ll be in line for a nice break, which will make you feel even better about donating your car.